DVD storage cabinets are the T-rex of the DVD storage furniture world. You just can not get a better all purpose piece of DVD storage furniture than large dresser style DVD storage cabinets. For starters, most DVD furniture will only accept the discs without their cases and if they do store the cases they typically only store the standard width DVD jewel cases. However, DVD cabinets will typically store a variety of different jewel case styles including CD, DVD, BluRay, and even the slim line versions of each. In addition to that DVD cabinets will store up to thousands of movies. But capacity is not the only reason that DVD cabinets win the battle.

DVD storage cabinets come made with multiple optional door styles that you can use. Of course, you want a selection when it comes to door styles because DVD cabinets should function as a piece of functional furniture. That means that you should not get DVD cabinets that have doors which will swing or open into existing doorways, or hit other things such as walls and speakers when they do open. The rule here is to consider your room's layout before committing to a purchase.

One of the best benefits of DVD storage cabinets is that the number of options that you can outfit them with is near unlimited. This is particularly true with the higher end DVD cabinets because manufacturers know that these customer are not going to reorder all of their furniture to fit with the cabinet, so they make their DVD furniture fit the need of the customer. This can mean that you can pick out which wood they use, what color stain and what tone the stain has. It gives the selection among DVD storage cabinets almost infinite.

This is not where your choices on options will end with most suppliers. When it comes to the latches, buttons, locks and so forth you will normally get to select the type of metal that they are cast or forged from, as well has the style of finish that will be used on them. A lot of people seem to stick with a polished finish for gold, while machining is extreme popular with platinum and silver. The interior of DVD cabinets can also be decked out. Italian leather's, and deep, rich velvets are not that uncommon to find used extensively. It's all about the care and attention paid to the craftsmanship.

I hope you've been able to gather something that you will be able to take away from this. If nothing else, just keep your mind on the fact that organizing you DVD's will make them so much easier to find when you need or want them.