Phillips is one of the most trusted electronics company. They got into the portable DVD player market and started to shine immediately. I am going to review about one of their best headrest DVD player PET7402/37. I will be going through the pros and cons about this.

Phillips car DVD player Technical details:

-It has 7″ Dual-screen.

– Install and mount easily for in-car entertainment.

– This Phillips car DVD player Includes AC adaptor, car adaptor, AV cable, and mounting straps.

– It comes with Headphone jack for personal listening.

– It plays most formats of DVD, CD, and picture disc.

Phillips Car DVD player Pros:

You can Play your music and movies in the car! Dual screens for 2 kids- no need for them to crane their necks to a central spot with viewing angle issues. It has lightweight, cheap feeling plastic units. The PET7402 features two 7″ TFT LCD display screens that let you indulge in enjoying your movies, music, and photos on the road, with everything you need to easily install and mount to the headrests in your car. Includes AC/DC adaptor, AV cable, car charger and headrest mounting straps. It comes with a regular plug-in power that can be used for the main unit but, not the 2nd unit. The car plug-in power cable, which is very long, splits to power both units. A single 1/8″ plug A/V cable connects the two units. It also came with a 1/8″ inch plug to a split yellow (video), and red/white (stereo sound) cable adapter. You could use it to connect your main unit to another tv if you want. both units have headphone jacks which i did not test yet. only the main unit has a flip out stand (as shown in the picture) so that you can watch it on a table. Audio out, if your car has an aux in, you can plug this in and get the sounds from the car speakers (if you really want to hear the kids movies).

Phillips car DVD player Cons:

Although not very concerning phillips PET7402 has some down side also.

1.There’s no storage bag to prevent the displays/units from getting scratched. So there’s no way to protect your screens.

2.Phillips PET7402 has some interface problem for controlling. Controls are on the “main” unit and if you don’t have an older child capable of running the system, you’ll have to remove to change movies and start the next one.

3. PET7402 has relatively short (6′) cable that connects the player unit to the secondary display. If you’re hoping to hide the cabling along the side of the seat, or even inside the seat, that probably won’t be enough.

4. The other problem is that there’s no internal power, and no way to power it other than home or a vehicle (meaning, it isn’t useful on an airplane, unless you manage to get a seat with a power jack).